Infant Class (6wks-12mon)

5days/week                        $1280.00

3days/week                        $980.00

2days/week                        $890.00

Our teachers are 100% certified CPR, First aids, with background check and fingerprint every two years. 

Toddler and Pre-toddler class     (13 - 36 months)

5days/week                        $1280.00

3days/week                        $980.00

2days/week                        $830.00

Our program is based on an enrichment curriculum, American sign language,

gross and fine motor skill system development, vocabulary, and conversation in an advanced-level, and social and cognitive development.

Preschool and Prekinder class (3-5 yrs)

5days/week                                                                                $1200.00-1120.00

3days/week             $980.00

2 days/week             $830.00

A Spanish workbook is included in this class.

Teachers have a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a 100% Native speaker Spanish Language.