Cinco Sentidos.-  6 weeks  to 12 months Infant class​     NOW OPEN

Spanish Immersion Full Preschool program works based in a curriculum, with a daily reports to keep you informed of your child's development, weekly lesson plans and a newsletter posted every month.  

We know infants respond to tones of voices, imitating, and music to create their development connection with their world. 

We work with sign language to encourage their communication skills, as well expressing emotions, playing with others,exploring and imitating sounds, communicating non verbally, exploring objects with one's hands, feet, mouth, eyes,ears and nose.

Our program includes daily exercises to stimulate activities like rolling, crawling, cruising, walking, running, and balancing.

                                                                                                                  Exploradores  18 months to 24 months old  Class


When babies grow into their toddler years, they start to explore the world around them.

We know the development of language and communication skills begin long before children say their first word.

Speaking Spanish to the children about their daily routine, objects in the environments, their feelings, and sharing books with children are all important ways that we use to support language development.

We notice and support children when they begin to put two or more words together to form sentences in Spanish by repeating the words and adding more.

Our program also help and support toddlers by establishing healthy self-care activities like washing thier hands, and brushing teeth.

We prepare toddlers for transitions to new activities by announcing plans, talking with, and listening to them and we love to play games to help them practice following directions.

                       Inventores Classroom  2 - 3  years old 



At this age children modeling what they have learned is important to see what the.  Children learn by listening and watching figures in their lives.

Children can learn best by doing.

Our objective is to encourage the children to be independent, self-confident, being well learners.

We will build security trust by respond the children lovely and promptly. Providing clear guidelines.

And provide a safe environment emotionally and physically.

We allow the children to develop at their own rate but at the same time provide challenges to encourage further development.

                                                  Genios I ( 3 -4 yrs. old ) and Genios II (4 - 5 yrs. old) Classes

Didactica's program allows your child to explore a variety of cultures, learning simple addition and subtraction problems resolve at math class, creating simple patterns, development their motor system through fine and gross motor activities, working with sensory activities and American sign language system.