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Infant program

Didactica Spanish Preschool pursuit the more safety, secure and happy environment for babies classroom. Each child has a primary caregiver who will guide with warm, caring and responsibility your child development .

Stimulating activities with educational toys,  sign language and early stimulation are part of this class. 

pre-toddler program

Toddlers and pre-toddlers receive encouragement and guidance toward the growth of their physical skills and emergency milestones. We redirect their energy into positive learning moments by giving them ample room to move and explore. We promote their stimulation classroom environment with our professional curriculum.



Our curriculum basis promote and help our preschoolers to be success in their future life academic.

Didactica Spanish Immersion Program encourage independence, self-confident attitude,responsibility, respect,and good manners.

Didactica promotes their cognitive, language, physical and social-emotional development.



Didactica Pre-kinder curriculum is a vital building block to kindergarten success. The children achieve significant development advancements,learn skills, by working independently and in groups through a complete early childhood education approach. Our program is focused in problem-solving, careful and responsive listening, implementing language in learning and collaborative social skills.

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