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Early Stimulation

At Didactica Children from 6 weeks - 12 months receive external stimulation to interact with others and their environment. When we stimulate our babies we are presenting different opportunities to explore, develop skills and

abilities in a natural way and understand what is happening around them.

Early stimulation is the set of media, techniques, and science-based activities and applied systematically and sequentially.  We used in our Infants Room, with the aim of optimizing their cognitive, physical, emotional and social, to avoid undesired state development and help parents effectively and autonomy in the care and development of the infant.

The goal of the stimulation is not accelerating development, forcing the child to achieve goals that are not prepared to meet,but to recognize and encourage the potential of each individual child and present challenges and appropriate activities to strengthen their self-esteem,initiative and learning.

Early stimulation is one way to enhance motor development, cognitive, social and emotional development of our Infants, but also must respect the individual development and predisposition baby.

We recognize before to start their Parameters of child development as we know all the children are not equal, each has its own pace of development. Their individual development depends on the maturation of their nervous system.

At Didactica we work with:

* Basic Skills

* Advance Skills

*Superior Ability

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